Aquaphotomics—From Innovative Knowledge to Integrative Platform in Science and Technology

We are very pleased to announce that a new review article on Aquaphotomics has been published in “Molecules” as part of the “Special Issue Advances in Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Related Computational Methods.”

“Aquaphotomics—From Innovative Knowledge to Integrative Platform in Science and Technology” by Jelena Muncan and Roumiana Tsenkova (Published: 28 July 2019)

Aquaphotomics is a young scientific discipline based on innovative knowledge of water molecular network, which as an intrinsic part of every aqueous system is being shaped by all of its components and the properties of the environment. With a high capacity for hydrogen bonding, water molecules are extremely sensitive to any changes the system undergoes. In highly aqueous systems—especially biological—water is the most abundant molecule. Minute changes in system elements or surroundings affect multitude of water molecules, causing rearrangements of water molecular network. Using light of various frequencies as a probe, the specifics of water structure can be extracted from the water spectrum, indirectly providing information about all the internal and external elements influencing the system. The water spectral pattern hence becomes an integrative descriptor of the system state. Aquaphotomics and the new knowledge of water originated from the field of near infrared spectroscopy. This technique resulted in significant findings about water structure-function relationships in various systems contributing to a better understanding of basic life phenomena. From this foundation, aquaphotomics started integration with other disciplines into systematized science from which a variety of applications ensued. This review will present the basics of this emerging science and its technological potential.

The open-access article can be viewed and downloaded at

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