Karl Norris passed away on July 17, 2019

We are sad to announce that Karl Norris, the founder of NIR spectroscopy, passed away on July 17, 2019. Rightly known as the “father of NIR”, he was also a great friend and support to many of us in the aquaphotomics community.

Adding spectra of water to the spectra of protein will never give us the spectra of the same protein in water

– Karl Norris

“His words inspired me very much in my work on aquaphotomics. He was the first to tell me ‘well done’, after presenting our work on the difference of the water spectral pattern of healthy and mastitis cows milk in Korea, in 2001,” said Prof. Tsenkova.

Our deepest sympathies to his family and all of you who are saddened by this loss.

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