International Conferences & Symposia are organized regularly to share the latest developments in Aquaphotomics

The 4th Aquaphotomics International Symposium: Exploring water molecular systems in nature (2021.03.20-2021.03.22, Kobe, Japan)

The 4th Aquaphotomics International Symposium was held from March 20 – 22, 2021 at Kobe University, Japan. The conference was held both online and onsite on the first day, and was online only on the second and third day from the perspective of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The conference was well attended with 248 participants from 23 countries (including 70 participants who attended the open lecture only) that greatly exceeded the 114 participants in the 2018 Symposium. Thank you very much again for making this conference a great success!

Link: Aquaphotomics International Symposium 2021

The 3rd Aquaphotomics International Symposium: Exploring water molecular systems in nature (2018.12.02-2018.12.06, Awaji, Japan)

The 3rd Aquaphotomics International Symposium was held from 2 to 6 December at the Westin Awaji Island Resort situated at a beautiful location of Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. This year’s Symposium theme – “Water – Exploring Water Molecular Systems in Nature” gathered researchers from all around world to present their findings and learn more about water’s incredible properties, and functions in various aqueous and biological systems.

More than 140 delegates from 20 countries during the course of five days had an opportunity to attend the bilingual open lecture, pre-conference workshop, listen to 36 keynote and invited lectures and see 28 poster presentations.

Link: Aquaphotomics International Symposium 2018

Aquaphotomics: Understanding Water in Biology – 2nd International Symposium (2016.11.26-2016.11.29, Kobe, Japan)

The Second Aquaphotomics International Symposium took place at Kobe University in Japan, from November 26 to 29, 2016. The conference attracted more than 70 researchers from different disciplines and from more than 10 countries of all continents. The conference reflected the multiplicity of projects and publications that aquaphotomics science is now inspiring.

Link: Aquaphotomics International Symposium 2016


Aquaphotomics: Understanding Water in the Biological World (2014.10.14, Brussels, Belgium)

The First Aquaphotomics International Symposium took place in Belgium, on October 14, 2014.

Link: Aquaphotomics International Symposium 2014