The First Chinese Conference on Aquaphotomics

From the 21st to 23rd of July, 2019, the “First Chinese Conference on Aquaphotomics” was held in Jinan, China. This event was organized by Professor Hengchang Zang (Shandong University) and Professor Xueguang Shao (Nankai University). The event was hosted by China Council of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (CCNIRS), jointly organized by School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shandong University, and sponsored by Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited.

The Conference brought together water researchers, students and users of the technology from a wide variety of backgrounds, applications and industries to present, see and discuss current developments in aquaphotomics. There were more than 110 participants from a wide range of research fields, including pharmacy, food and chemical analysis, photobiology, petrochemistry, equipment and software suppliers.

The theme of this conference was “Application of Spectroscopy in Aquaphotomics”. During the conference, researchers communicated and discussed various topics, such as the origin of aquaphotomics, methods of aquaphotomics, various applications in medicine and different industrial branches, specifics of instruments and probes for water research and so on. Experts discussed in depth and called for more researchers to join the study of water which may seem to be a simple substance, but it is a huge world to explore.  

The conference invited Professor Dr Roumiana Tsenkova (Chairperson of the International Council for Aquaphotomics and a founder of aquaphotomics) and Hoeil Chung (Secretary-General of Asian NIR Consortium) to give cutting-edge research presentations. Prof. Hengchang Zang (Shandong University), Prof. Xueguang Shao (Naikai University), Prof. Jingyan Han (Peking University), Prof. Xinghua Xia (Nanjing University), Prof. Kexin Xu (Tianjin University), Dr. Xiu’e Jiang (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Dr. Xueping Guo (Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited) shared the research results of their laboratories. Most of the reported achievements were focused on applications in basic research with a fresh approach to studying using water as a source of information, but many works in the areas of medicine, life sciences etc. were also presented.  

After the meeting, the experts called for the establishment of the “Chinese Council of Aquaphotomics” and regular discussions of the topics to promote the development of this scientific discipline. The hope of the organizers is that regular, successful conference meetings will attract more people to join this research field, establish wider network of scientists interested in the research of water molecular matrix and application of the research findings in industry and everyday-life applications, thus helping the progress of human society.

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