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Dear friends and colleagues,

We are delighted to announce that our upcoming webinar will feature Dr. Joachim Keppler, a distinguished physicist and researcher who has made significant contributions to the fields of theoretical particle physics, data science, artificial intelligence, and the scientific exploration of consciousness.

Dr Keppler studied physics at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen, specializing in quantum field theory, and earned his PhD for contributions to theoretical particle physics. He subsequently worked in industrial research and development, holding prominent positions in data science and artificial intelligence fields. Beyond his interest in comprehending foundational physical principles, he has consistently pursued the question of how consciousness can be integrated into a unified worldview. In 2012, he established the research institute DIWISS, funded by private foundations, focusing on the scientific exploration of consciousness. DIWISS follows an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of theoretical physics, cognitive neuroscience, and the philosophy of mind.

Dr Keppler’s work is centered on revealing the fundamental mechanisms underlying conscious processes. In order to get closer to this goal, he has developed a quantum field-theoretical model of brain dynamics, shedding new light on the emergence of collective phenomena and the formation of synchronized neural activity patterns, which are central characteristics of the neural correlates of consciousness.

In our November webinar, Dr Keppler will deliver a presentation on “The Role of the Brain’s Neurotransmitter-Water Matrix in the Formation of Conscious States”. This model addresses the interaction of the brain with the vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field, referred to as zero-point field (ZPF). In this interaction, the neurotransmitter-water matrix plays a pivotal role.

Model calculations reveal that resonant coupling of the neurotransmitter-water matrix to the ZPF gives rise to macroscopic quantum coherence and the formation of synchronized neural activity patterns, with specific ZPF modes being amplified in response to this coupling. Assuming that the ubiquitous ZPF is not only an energy field but also an inherently conscious medium, the amplification of particular ZPF modes can be interpreted as the activation of particular states of consciousness. These findings suggest that the brain generates a wide range of conscious states by playing chords on the keyboard of the ZPF.

As usual, the webinar will be held on the Zoom platform and is open to all who wish to attend. Please mark your calendars for the webinar on November 27th (Monday) and register using the provided “Sign up” form. The link to attend the webinar, along with all necessary information will be sent to those who signed up on the day of the event.

We look forward to your participation!

Aquaphotomics November Webinar – Schedule

Time & Date

Date: 2023/11/27 (Monday)
Start: Japan Time (JST) 5:00 PM / CET 9AM / EST 3AM
End: Japan Time (JST) 6:00 PM / CET 10AM / EST 4AM