Aquaphotomics approach for monitoring different steps of purification process in water treatment systems

We are very pleased to announce that a new article on Aquaphotomics has been accepted and will be published in “Talanta” (Volume 206, 1 January 2020).

“Aquaphotomics approach for monitoring different steps of purification process in water treatment systems” by Jelena Muncan, Valentina Matovic, Strahinja Nikolic, Jelena Askovic and Roumiana Tsenkova

Currently, the water quality assessment is based on determination of a range of physico-chemical, and microbiological parameters, which is costly, time-consuming and requires multiple tests. Aquaphotomics strategy for water monitoring is based on the principle that the spectra of water are sensitive to all the chemical and physical perturbations, and as such reflect the state of water.
In this study, aquaphotomics approach was applied on the near infrared spectra of water samples which underwent different filtration treatments performed by a commercially available water treatment system intended for the household use. The applicability of this approach was demonstrated using difference spectra, multivariate classification analysis and by visualizing the water spectral pattern in aquagrams. The results consistently showed that water samples produced by different filtration treatments have distinctive spectral patterns which characterize the state of water molecular network, and can be used for identification of the respective treatment, tracking efficiency of the treatment and monitoring the performance of water treatment systems.

The article can be viewed and downloaded at

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