UN Water Conference: “New York Water Week” on March 22 and 23

We’re delighted to announce that “New York Water Week” has officially begun as part of the UN Water Conference. In light of this event, we would like to extend an invitation to you to join us for two upcoming events that will center on the new and emerging science of water.

The first event, “The New Science of Water: Research on Physicochemical and Nano-Structural Properties of Water and Its Multiple Applications” will be held virtually on March 22. This event will feature esteemed speakers who will share their insights on the latest research in water science and its applications.

The second event, titled “The New and Emerging Science of Water: International and Cross-Sector Cooperation,” will be held in-person on March 23. It will bring together experts from various sectors to discuss ways in which international cooperation can address the water crisis.

We are honoured to have Prof. Dr. Roumiana Tsenkova, President of the Aquaphotomics International Society, as a keynote speaker for both events. She will be speaking on the topic of “Aquaphotomics: Water – Light Interaction as an Immense Source of Information on System Level.”

You can register for the events at the following two links:



We believe that these events will provide invaluable opportunities to learn and engage with others in the field. Please feel free to disseminate this information among your friends, followers, and collaborators.
Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to seeing you at these events.