Our Missions

Aquaphotomics is a new discipline introduced by Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova at the Laboratory of Bio Measurement Technology at Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University, Japan. The main object of this new field is to understand the role of water in biological and aqueous systems by monitoring water absorption spectrum under various perturbations. The absorption spectra of water in such systems provide immense and global information directly related to their functionality. Understanding water and interactions of water with the help of Aquaphotomics opens a great opportunity to increase drastically our knowledge about aqueous and biological systems, in a non-invasive and non-destructive way.

Since its first introduction in 2005 at the International Conference on NIRS in New Zealand, Aquaphotomics has been developing very fast. Projects and publications have increased dramatically all over the world in the last 10 years. The last conference held in November 2016 attracted more than 70 researchers from different disciplines and from more than 10 countries of all continents.

Our mission is to raise awareness among general audience about this tremendous power of water. We would like this website to be a reference for Aquaphotomics science and education, as well as a place for the researcher’s community for sharing knowledge and findings.

We are committed to provide an interactive place where scientists from different disciplines could share, exchange, support and nurture each other in the common goal of better understanding of the world through water and spectroscopy.