Made in France – New publications in aquaphotomics field

Jean-Michel Roger (left), Alexander Mallet (right)

It is a pleasure to announce the recent publications which could be of immense importance for aquaphotomics researchers. Both publications originate from the group of Jean-Michel Roger, (INRAE, UMR ITAP, Montpellier University and ChemHouse Research Group, France) one of the world experts in preprocessing and analysis of spectral data.  The first author on both publications is Alexander Mallet, a young PhD researcher, who is working on revealing both physical and chemical effects of the water on the near infrared spectra, and who spent few months in the Biomeasurement Technology Laboratory, of Prof. Dr. Tsenkova at Kobe University, last year.  The works are of particular importance for correct spectroscopic assignments, correct modeling and interpretation of the structure of water. 

The first publication describes the results of the dynamic study of near-infrared spectra acquired during a drying process with a focus on the first overtone OH absorbance region:    

Mallet, A., Tsenkova, R., Muncan, J., Charnier, C., Latrille, É., Bendoula, R., Stayer, J.P. & Roger, J. M. (2021). Relating Near-Infrared Light Path-Length Modifications to the Water Content of Scattering Media in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: Toward a New Bouguer–Beer–Lambert Law. Analytical Chemistry, 93(17), 6817-6823.

The second one continues to analyze and compare moisture content effects in one comprehensive experiment with a wide variety of biochemical and physical types in order to understand water effects and how they relate to the substrate properties. 

Mallet, A., Charnier, C., Latrille, É., Bendoula, R., Steyer, J. P., & Roger, J. M. (2021). Unveiling non-linear water effects in near infrared spectroscopy: A study on organic wastes during drying using chemometrics. Waste Management122, 36-48.

Both publications are heartily recommended and we expect to see their influence on aquaphotomics development. Most sincere congratulations to French group from the Aquaphotomics Research Department in Kobe. We are eagerly awaiting more.