Kanaji Masakorala

Group leader : Kanaji Masakorala

Affiliation: Department of Botany, Faculty of science, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

Research Topics: Phytoremediation, environmental toxicology, plant stress biology.

Contact: mas@bot.ruh.ac.lk

Description: Our research group consist of members having the expertise in different fields, including plant science, environmental science and microbiology. Currently, in our research, we apply multidisciplinary approach to study, monitor and find solutions for environmental issues through the application of different types of molecular biological, chemical and physical analyses.

Aquaphotomics work: I joined with Aquaphotomics Department in the Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University Japan, as a postdoctoral researcher and there I learned NIR spectroscopy and aquaphotomics under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Roumiana Tsenkova. In our future research, I hope to apply NIR spectroscopy and aquaphotomics as a holistic biomarker.