International Aquaphotomics Society (IAQPS)


Aquaphotomics is a scientific field that aims to investigate the composition, quality and functions of BIO- and AQUEOUS SYSTEMS through the interaction between the light over various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum and the water in the respective system. It is the opposite of what contemporary science is doing at the moment: Systems investigation through the measurement of single components. We expect to unravel specific water spectral patterns as integrated markers for different qualities and functions of the systems.


The International Aquaphotomics Society (IAQPS) aspires towards integration of aquaphotomics knowledge in all areas of life sciences, promoting the growth, use and understanding of the light-water interaction and revealing the functionality of great diversity of water species in aqueous and biological systems. As such, IAQPS provides a common platform for development of aquaphotomics-based research and development of aquaphotomics-based innovative technologies.


The overall mission of the IAQP Society is to promote and encourage the advancement of aquaphotomics scientific research and knowledge and its applications around the world.

The IAQP Society will endeavor to achieve this mission through collaborations, scientific meetings, publications, outreach and other activities that:

  • Provide aquaphotomics education and training worldwide
  • Encourage and promote building of international multidisciplinary aquaphotomics scientific community
  • Encourage and promote multidisciplinary collaborative research by finding research grants and research funding opportunities
  • Facilitate transfer of technological innovations from aquaphotomics scientific research to global market; and ultimately
  • Raise public awareness about the tremendous importance of water and possibilities of aquaphotomics

IAQPS Organizational Structure

International Aquaphotomics Society (IAQPS) is an independent, non-profit organization, governed by the International Aquaphotomics Society Board, composed of dedicated members of aquaphotomics community, but ultimately responsive to its members.

There are three levels of IAQPS organizational structure:

1.Advisory Board
The Advisory Board is composed of internationally experienced and recognized senior expert scientists in research, as well as in science policy matters. The role of Advisory Board is to provide non-binding strategic advices related to the management of the IAQP Society.

2. International Aquaphotomics Society Board and Officers
International Aquaphotomics Society Board members are responsible for furthering the aspirations and activities of the IAQPS ensuring its efficient running and helping secure its continuity and development in future.
International Aquaphotomics Society Officers are responsible for specific aspects running the society.

3. International Aquaphotomics Society Members
Membership is currently free for all interested in aquaphotomics research, but this may be changed in a General Meeting in the future.