First Anniversary of the Aquaphotomics Research Department at Kobe University

Spring has come, and warm sunshine is illuminating the cherry blossoms in full bloom. One year has passed since the establishment of the Aquaphotomics Department, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Kobe University.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who support our research activities, to all aspiring researchers around the world, to my colleagues, and to my friends and family. With all my heart, thank you very much.

In Japan, where I have spent a quarter of a century of my career, the world’s first Aquaphotomics laboratory was established at Kobe University, Japan, in 25th anniversary year. In this new Research Department, which I started upon my retirement, I continue to enjoy science together with my co-workers. Within the past year, our first book on Aquaphotomics research has been published (*1), and we are in the process of editing for publication of a special issue of “Molecules” journal on Aquaphotomics (*2), and many papers have been submitted. In order to share and continue Aquaphotomics research with researchers around the world, we have organized webinars and lively discussions. We received inquiries from all over the world from researchers who want to visit and research in our lab.

The other day, I received a very nice and grateful words from a person who has been supporting our research, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce it to you. This man was an engineer who had been involved in the development of spectroscopic instruments, which are indispensable for our research.

“That’s what I’ve been looking for Aquaphotomics research. There is now a science that can reveal it. I am happy to be able to support a tool to reveal the truth in life.

I have learned many things until I started working, and I have also been exposed to new knowledge, technologies, and studies in my work. I was involved in the development of production technologies that applied these technologies and used them in the manufacturing process, and I was also involved in the budgeting of a team that developed lithium-ion batteries for automobiles and the introduction of analytical equipment.

I think all of this was in preparation for understanding the truth through Aquaphotomics research. I am grateful for this miraculous encounter.”

I believe that science is the wisdom of humanity, transcending countries and time, as we take over, pass on, and cooperate with each other. I would like to thank everyone who has supported us by continuing to push forward the Aquaphotomics studies.

I would like to start the next year with deep gratitude especially to our sponsor Dr. Recella for being able to continue our research today.

I pray for the world peace and good health for all of you. Thank you very much.

Roumiana Tsenkova

*1. Tsenkova, R. and Muncan, J. (2021). Aquaphotomics for Bio-diagnostics in Dairy: Applications of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. Springer Publishing. ISBN:9789811671135.

*2 Special Issue “Aquaphotomics – Exploring Water Molecular Systems in Nature”.