The First Chinese Conference on Aquaphotomics

The First Chinese Conference on Aquaphotomics will be held on 21 to 23 July, 2019 in Jinan, Shandong, China. The theme of this conference is “Application of Spectroscopy in Aquaphotomics”. The conference is organized by China Council of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, CCNIRS, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shandong University and Nankai University. And it is sponsored by Bloomage Biotechnolgy Corporation Limited.

The Conference Organization:

The Conference Chair:

Hengchang Zang, Shandong University and Xueguang Shao, Nankai University

The Organizing Committee Chair:

Yiping Du, East China University of Science and Technology and Xueping Guo, Bloomage Biotechnolgy Corporation Limited

The keynote speakers:

Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova (Kobe University)

Prof. Hoeil Chung (Hanyang University)

Prof. Jingyan Han (Peking University)

Prof. Xinghua Xia (Nanjing University)

Prof. Kexin Xu (Tianjin University)

Prof. Xiue Jiang (The Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry)

Prof. Xueguang Shao (Nankai Univerisity)

Prof. Hengchang Zang (Shandong University)

Dr. Xueping Guo (Bloomage Biotechnolgy Corporation Limited)


July 21, Registration

July 22, 8:30 – 18:00 Open lectures & Forum for young researcher

July 23, A visit to Bloomage Biotechnolgy Corporation Limited

Welcome all researchers from the world to join the conference.

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