Everine van de Kraats

Group leader: Everine van de Kraats, PhD

Affiliation: Independent, Netherlands

Research Topics: Water functionality, aquaphotomics, NIR spectroscopy, ultra-weak photon emission (UPE), agriculture, human health

At ViaLight Research she was head of research and assisted management with their new ventures. Together with her team she investigated water functionality. The main research targets were to develop a (multispectral) sensor to distinguish agricultural produce grown with waters before and after going through a ‘water vitalizing’ device, to distinguish the respective waters by their function, and to understand the mechanism behind the observed effects.

Tests were performed, and observations and measurements were done, in agricultural field and in laboratory on seeds, vegetables, leaves, soil and roots. Instruments used ranged from ultraviolet, visual, and near-infrared spectrometers, Raman to ultra-weak photon spontaneous emission and delayed luminescence measurement devices.

Her dream is to know, feel, and be able to determine, which water to use, or how to ‘treat’ water (in any case with gratitude and respect :-)), at what time, for what person or agricultural purpose, to support living life in a natural, harmonic, and connected way.

Her vision is to develop aquaphotomics further to understand water functionality on a fundamental level, bring this knowledge to the public and build applications that are relevant for consumer and industry.

Aquaphotomics Work

In 2012 she contacted prof. Tsenkova to learn more about aquaphotomics and since then they have been collaborating. At ViaLight Research aquaphotomics was used to investigate quality of vegetables in greenhouse and laboratory setting, as well as to distinguish water before going through a water vitalization device from water after going through the device.

In 2016 she started to work on developing a business case for aquaphotomics applications and research and she is setting up an Aquaphotomics Society together with prof. Tsenkova and other aquaphotomics colleagues to bring together scientists from multiple disciplines to further advance the field.

She is interested in: Interpretation of aquagrams and understanding water functionality, opportunities to bring aquaphotomics applications to the market

She can contribute to: Aquaphotomics protocol development, aquaphotomics measurements, business development for aquaphotomics applications, developing understanding of water functionality, interpretation of results, organization of aquaphotomics society, spreading to word about aquaphotomics and finding funds and potential partners

Contact: everine.van.de.kraats@gmail.com