Group leader : Professor Albert Krastanov, DSc

Affiliation : University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Research Topics : Biotechnology, Food technology, Probiotics, Bacteria selection, Enzyme technology

BioAquaLab’s research is focused on the application of Aquaphotomics in the field of biotechnology and food technology. Our group is working on the development of NIR-spectral WASP libraries of food pathogens and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and an assessment of the potential of the NIR spectroscopy and aquaphotomics as a precise, swift and non-invasive method for the observation of the growth and metabolic activity of probiotic and functional strains; detection of food pathogens in food products by identifying specific bacterial aquaphotomic models; application of aquaphotomics for evaluation of survival and metabolic activity of functional LAB and probiotic bacteria during the production and storage of food; utilization of aquaphotomics to assess the freshness and authenticity of food products; utilization of aquaphotomics to assess the antioxidative potential of food products and by-products from food industry; utilization of aquaphotomics to analyse food quality, detection of authenticity violations, adulterations and imitation products.