Information for Poster Presenters

Please setup your poster no later than the morning of the December 3 at the board allocated with your poster number.

The presentations are arranged in shifts according to the following schedule:

12:30 – 13:00
December 4
11:30 – 12:30
Poster numbers 1 to 10 Poster numbers 11 to 28




December 4
12:30 – 13:15
December 4
13:15 – 14:00
Poster numbers 1 to 12 Poster numbers 13 to 28
* Please be next to your poster at the allocated time for informal discussions


You can find the number assigned to your poster in the table below.


No. Presenter Affiliation Poster Title
1 Shori Ito Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan Variation of near-infrared absorption spectrum of water by mixing alkane polyamines
2 Qin Dong Shandong University, China Near-infrared spectroscopic study of molecular interaction in ethanol-water mixtures ranging from 0 to 10% (v/v)
3 Yasuhiro Miwa Kobe University, Japan Study of Tetrabutylammonium Bromide Hydrate by Two spectroscopies in THz region
4 Tomoki Nagahama Kobe University, Japan Molecular dependence of collagen model peptide stuidied by low frequency Raman spectroscopy
5 Nami Ueno Kindai University, Japan Study of changes of electronic state by hydrate progress about composites polymer electrolyte by ATR-FUV
6 Takahiro Oohashi Keio Univerisity, Japan Can we separate the kind of drinks using only EEG
7 Keiichi Sato Keio Univerisity, Japan Sleep Quality and Workplace Productivity Evaluation on the Wooden Interior
8 Kento Horita Keio Univerisity, Japan Effect on the Lighting Condition for Human’s Emotion and Task Efficiency Using Electroencephalogram
9 Kurt Kung University of Washington, Seattle Exploration of the connection between EZ water concept and aeroponic mist-based hydroponic agriculture
10 Jelena Muncan University of Belgrade, Serbia Aquaphotomics Study of Interfacial Water Adjacent to the Hydrophilic Polymer Nafion
11 Paolo Renati University of Catania, Italy Temperature Dependence Analysis of the NIR Spectra of Liquid Water and QED theory
12 Wensgheng Cai Nankai University, China Observing the complexity of water structures from near infrared spectra and simulation
13 Xiaoyu Cui Nankai University, China High dimensional chemometric algorithms for analyzing temperature dependent near infrared spectra
14 Vladyslav Bozhynov University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic Dependency Model for Visible Aquaphotomics
15 Jelena Muncan University of Belgrade, Serbia Aquaphotomics as a potential approach for monitoring of water filtration treatment
16 Judi Psarrakis Stellenbosch University, South Africa Differentiating between bottled water from different sources using near-infrared spectroscopy
17 Yuki Nakagawa Kobe University, Japan To grasp water molecule structure reflecting bacterial growth ability by NIRS and Aquaphotomics
18 Danyang Li Shandong University, China Quantitative analysis of yeast growth process based on FT-NIR spectroscopy and aquaphotomics
19 Angelina Kisselova Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria Pilot study of mouthwash Yume water
20 Alexander Stoilov Kobe University, Japan Investigation of water structures in mixed combinations of Yunosato Spa waters by NIRS and Aquaphotomics
21 Yurika Nakajima Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan Hydration Structure of Poly(2-methoxyethyl acrylate) Investigated by Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
22 Yuto Sakakibara Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan Hydration Structure of Poly(vinyl acetate) Investigated  by In Situ ATR-IR Spectroscopy
23 Nikolaj Blom Technical University of Denmark, Denmark Water Bridging Initiative – from descaling drinking water to disarming resistant microbes to liquid crystal properties
24 John-Lewis Zaukuu Szent István University, Hungary Authentication of tokaj aszú wine (hungaricum) with near infrared spectroscopy and aquaphotomics
25 Michiyasu Nomura DHC Corporation, Japan Characterization of Izu-Akazawa deep seawater by Aquaphotomics
26 Mitsue Oshima Yunosato, Japan Water quality control monitoring
27 Ryo Takagi Yunosato, Japan Application of aquaphotomics for vegetable quality assessment
28 Yuri Nakamura Isol Technica, Japan Use the functional water for waterproofing on the highway concrete slab