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  1. David Tjandra Nugraha: Evaluation of Mung Bean (Vigna radiata) Sprout and Quantification of Ascorbic Acid Content Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Aquaphotomics
  2. Vladyslav Bozhynov: Comparison of different types of error in Visible Aquaphotomics
  3. Anastasia Surkova: Near infrared spectroscopy and aquaphotomics – a possible tool for cancer diagnostics?
  4. Petya Stoykova: Detection and quantification of hydrophobic pollutants in aqueous solution
  5. Vladimir Beskoski: Is aquaphotomics suitable for the determination and analysis of perfluorinated compounds?
  6. Zsanett Bodor: Application of aquaphotomics to detect different sugar syrup adulteration of honeydew honey
  7. John-Lewis Zinia Zaukuu: Application of NIRS and aquaphotomics for diluted meat extract characterization
  8. Flora Vitalis: Monitoring of brown rot caused by Monilia fructigena on plums with the aquaphotomics approach
  9. Felix Scholkmann: Spectrally-determined sample temperature: An important parameter for applications of near-infrared spectroscopy based aquaphotomics


  1. Xiaoyu Cui: Temperature-dependent variable selection in near-infrared spectra for aquaphotomics
  2. Vladimi Beskoski: Can carbohydrates change the shape of water?
  3. Yasuhiro Miwa: Spectral study on low frequency Raman of hydrogen-bonded substances on the surface of icy moons
  4. Sukkrita Anantawittayanon: The investigation of water spectra and water activity using Aquaphotomics approach
  5. Lian Li: Characterization of moisture absorption process of rebaudioside using near infrared spectroscopy and aquaphotomics
  6. Makoto Sakai: Investigation of different types of water using aquaphotomics
  7. Chongwen Xiong: Understanding the interaction between water and polymer in thermo-sensitive hydrogel phase transition system by near-infrared spectroscopy
  8. Xihui Bian: Spectrophotometric simultaneous determination of trace Cu2+ and Co2+ in aqueous solution by membrane preconcentration coupled with chemometrics
  9. Siti Anis Dalila Muhammad Zahir: NIR Spectroscopy and Aquaphotomics in Carambola B10 Averrhoa
  10. Ryo Takagi: The changes in spectral pattern of water perturbed by different sound frequencies – Measurements using newly developed flowing water device
  11. Aleksandar Boykov Stoilov: Understanding of Yogurt Bio-Functional Water

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The poster presentations (PDF files) will be on display continuously for Conference participants to visit at all times on dedicated Conference webpage, with an option for writing comments and questions, as well as the answers of a presenter.

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We are also offering you the option to prepare a 3 min PPT oral presentation (max 5 power point slides) to present at that time that should be provided as a pre-recorded video (deadline 19th March) to help explain your poster.

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