[Recruiting] Post Doctoral Researcher in Aquaphotomics Research Field, Kobe University

We are currently seeking one postdoctoral researcher to join our team.

Information of the job

Our research field is the cardle of aquaphotomics, a new science, education and technology platform for better understanding of water molecular system, its structure and related functionalities. We are seeking for a postdoctoral researcher with a background in engineering, physics, and/or spectroscopy to join our team starting April 1st 2023 or later for a year with possibility of extension. The successful candidate will work on the relation between water spectral information and quantum coherence.

[Description of the institution]
We conduct experiments on non-destructive spectral acquisition, spectral data analysis and biomedical diagnostic systems using mainly spectroscopy in the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) regions.

In particular, the interaction between water and near-infrared radiation is used to conduct research on a wide range of topics such as the diagnosis of animal diseases, understanding water activity and other water phenomena, detection of pollutants in water and detection of micro-organisms.

The aim is to develop bio-diagnostic systems that can be applied in a wide range of fields, from agriculture, evaluation of materials such as food and cement, and environmental science, to biochemistry and pharmaceuticals.

We are looking for researchers who are interested in water molecule systems research, quantum coherence, spectroscopic analysis, multivariate analysis, data mining and AI and biological systems analysis, construction and diagnosis, and who are willing to take responsibility and enthusiastically engage in research activities.
Although the position belongs to the Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, the PhD and research experience is not restricted to agricultural sciences, as aquaphotomics is a multidisciplinary research field.
E.g. engineering, analytical chemistry, physics, food engineering, biotechnology, materials science, data analysis, microbiology, etc.

[Address of work location and other information]
1-1 Rokkodai, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-8501
Department of Aquaphotomics, Graduate School of Agricultural Science,
Kobe University

[Available positions (job title, number of positions, etc.)]
Academic Researcher, 1 person
The recruitment will be closed as soon as one suitable candidate is found.

[Starting date, employment date, etc.]

If you are interested in joining us at the forefront of Aquaphotomics research, please visit the website below or email rtsen@kobe-u.ac.jp for more details.


求人公募 ポスドク募集(学術研究員)

神戸大学農学研究科 アクアフォトミクス研究分野では、ポストドクトラル研究員を募集しています。


紫外 (UV)、可視 (VIS)、および近赤外 (NIR)領域等の分光法を用いた、非破壊分析での実験、スペクトルデータ解析およびバイオメディカル診断システムの開発を行っています。





〒657-8501 神戸市灘区六甲台1-1
神戸大学大学院農学研究科 アクアフォトミクス研究分野





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